Tips to save when planning your next trip!

We know that the cost of living is constantly increasing, but our desire to travel does not fade away!

So here are some tips to apply when planning your next trip that will help you save a little:

1. Book in advance: Forget the last minutes! Transport tickets are cheaper if you book them in advance. Try to buy your train, plane or bus tickets at least 2-3 months before your trip to get the best deals.

2. Travel in low season: Ticket prices increase significantly during peak periods. If you can, avoid traveling during school breaks, construction holidays, or long weekends and choose an off-season time for your trip instead. Departures and returns on Tuesday or Wednesday are generally cheaper, consider overlapping your vacation over 2 weeks instead of a regular week.

3. Use comparison sites: Use comparison sites to find the best fares for flights, trains and hotels. Comparison sites like Alexi's Flights (https://lesvolsdalexi. com), Kayaking, Skyscanner, Booking. com or Google flights allow you to find great deals in minutes.

4. Look for special offers: Travel companies often offer special offers and coupon codes to entice customers. Look for these deals online or on social media to save on your travel budget or sign up for their newsletter.

5. Avoid Tourist Restaurants: During your stay, keep in mind that restaurants located near tourist attractions often have higher prices than those located in less crowded areas. Try to find local restaurants to save on your food budget and ask the locals questions!

6. Use public transport: Taxis and Ubers can be expensive in some cities. Instead, use public transport such as buses and subways to get around. This will save you money while discovering the city. Find out before you leave, some cities offer the possibility of buying certain passes in advance.

7. Go for a Vacation Rental: Vacation rentals can be cheaper than hotels for longer stays. Especially if you are traveling with family. Look for rentals on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO to save on your accommodation budget.

8. Prepare to eat: If you have a kitchen in your accommodation, take advantage of it to prepare some of your meals such as breakfasts or snacks or lunches that you can bring with you during your stay. visits to tourist attractions where food is astronomically expensive. Buy local products in the markets to discover the local cuisine without breaking the bank. Focus your food budget on your favorite meals of the day, instead of squandering your budget throughout the day.

9. Volunteer: Volunteering in a foreign country can be a rewarding experience that will also save you money on your travel budget. Check out organizations such as Workaway or HelpX to find volunteer opportunities.

10. Pack Light: Avoid extra baggage charges by packing light. Try to pack only what you really need and use backpacks (ours! Pack N Carry's foldable, comfortable and lightweight backpacks https://www. packncarry. ca/products/orizon-sac-a-dos-voyage-pliable) and suitcases on wheels to facilitate your travels.

Happy travel planning!

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