A Weekend in Las Vegas!

Happy Black Friday week, it's not only the week to plan Christmas gifts, it's also a good time to plan a trip and take advantage of the offers!!
We decided to share with you our favorites ♥️ from our recent trip to Las Vegas! Yes yes Las Vegas!!! Take away your preconceived ideas, this destination is not just about a casino and a chapel for weddings!😂
First the idea of ​​going there out of season, it's perfect for those who want to move around without being inconvenienced by the heat, during our mid- November, the average temperature was 15 degrees Celsius.
Then rent a car to get out of town during the day. Within a 2h30 drive you will have access to several national parks including: Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Zion Park, Dead Valley and West Rim Grand Canyon. What to plan a great week 🏜🌵
Being able to move around as we please by car was also a big advantage and getting out of town to see the "real" life in this area, it felt good after 2 days of excess!
We had also booked a guided tour of the Hoover Dam, we had no idea what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised. For $50 per person, we had a luxury bus ride that ran from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Las Vegas Sign Tour, Boulder City Tour, Dam Tour. Really for the price, go for it!
The evenings will be perfect for enjoying the Strip's restaurant, which, to our great surprise, was excellent, full of fresh and varied food. On the cost side, equivalent to Quebec, but in US dollars.
Take the time to stop by the Fremont Street Experience for a drunken and entertaining evening!!!🤪 Fridays and Saturdays are particularly festive, you can see live musical performances on 3 different stages , street artists and even go Ziplining!
You can also visit the Shelby Motors (free), Count County garage (Free) and Welder-up garage ($), for car enthusiasts.
In short, something for everyone, for all budgets and all your desires!!
❤️ For Mexican cafeteria Tacos El-Gordo on Las Vegas blv, the best tacos since our last trip to Mexico 🇲🇽 🌮
The Pack N Carry Team

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