Outdoor activity ideas to get your teens and toddlers moving this holiday season (Part 1)

The holiday season rhymes with dinner, parties, a little stress, germs and so on...
To help you pass the tourtière and the sugar cream, to allow the children to spend all the sugar they are going to eat and to "aerate your microbes" as my mother would say! We thought we'd share some outdoor ideas to do between your parties with your teens and toddlers!
I'm a mother of 3 myself and I know it can be quite difficult to get them off their screens and even it can be hard for us to get off the couch and our show, but here are some tips/ideas sure to please the whole family!
Idea #1: A headlamp outing in the forest, in the mountains or in a park near you
I know teenagers sleep late! They are lucky to be able to spend so much time sleeping and good for them! Holidays are made for that!
If you want to spend time with them, remember to adapt the pace of your outings to allow them to sleep! Get out your headlamps and plan a snowshoe outing or an evening hike! I'm convinced that after the first protests (it's normal, they're teenagers!) they'll be happy to accompany you!
If they are reluctant you can even convince them by telling them that they can do a great photo shoot for their Instagram or a really hilarious video for their TikTok. If that's not convincing enough, allow them to invite a friend, the more the merrier! Be creative and flexible with them, you'll have a great time!
For toddlers, the idea is just as valid, do a "special", change the routine and go out in the evening when it's dark. They will be happy to wear a headlamp and with luck you can admire the stars while making angels in the snow! Plan a short break during your outing to enjoy a good hot chocolate! I'm sure you'll have as much fun as them! And after such an outing, when they come home with flushed cheeks, you will certainly have no problem getting them to sleep!
Grab your Pack N Carry backpack and insulated bottle and head out with the family!!
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To get my teenager moving, a few years ago, we even signed up for the Resolution race on Mount Royal, the experience was incredible, in the evening, headlamp on the head, the city, the lights and most importantly, doing it together!
(a bit fuzzy, but a precious memory🤩)

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