Outdoor activity ideas to get your teens and toddlers moving this holiday season (Part 2)

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Part 2.

As mentioned in our Part 1 article, I had too many ideas to put them in 1 article, so here is Part 2 of my activity ideas to get your teens and toddlers moving in holiday season!

Idea #2: Go skating somewhere new

Simple as an idea, but effective! Go on an adventure to a skating rink in a neighboring town or another neighborhood or try a trail at an outdoor center! If the conditions allow it, you could also go skating on a frozen lake.

Here are some suggestions of places to visit:

- Beaver Lake skating rink on Mount Royal

- Skating rink in the Quartier des Spectacles in Downtown Montreal

- One of the Bleu Blanc Rouge refrigerated ice rinks (find them on the site: https://fondation. Canadians. com/bleu-blanc-bouge-skating rinks )

- Ice trail in the Bois-de-Belle-Rivière Regional Park, Mirabel

- Lac Masson skating rink, Ste-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson

- Lac des Sables skating rink, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts

- Domaine Vert trail, Mirabel

- Molson Park Trail, Saint-Sauveur

- Plains of Abraham ice ring, Quebec

- Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Before you go, visit the website of the place you want to go, to check the conditions. Some centers also offer skate rentals and some of them organize special activities during the Holidays, find out.

For the older ones, check if the trails are open in the evening, you could skate in a lit path, to the sound of upbeat music, watching the stars. Magical atmosphere guaranteed!

A very simple idea accessible to all, leaving the routine environment of your neighborhood will make the activity more attractive! Young and old alike will find what they're looking for and then, while you're at it, encourage a small local business in the town where you're going. Plan a meal at the restaurant in the village, a stop at a café, a bakery or a pastry shop for a gourmet snack!

Idea #3: Host a hockey game at your local rinkWhy not host a hockey game at your neighborhood rink? Ask your children to meet up with a few friends or invite the family and organize a little hockey game with a snack and hot chocolate!

If your children are teenagers, choose to organize everything in the evening, there will be fewer toddlers at the rink and your teenagers will be able to exercise as they please!

Idea #4: Try a new sport

Take advantage of the leave to get out of your comfort zone and try a new sport with your children.

You could try cross-country skiing, fat biking, ski touring, downhill skiing or snowshoeing.

Ask outdoor centers and some sports equipment stores, most offer equipment rental for 1 day. Renting is a good way to try out a sport without having to fully equip yourself. Also be on the lookout for test days in certain ski centres; these are discovery days where it is possible to try out equipment for free or at little cost. Don't forget that in SEPAQs, equipment rental for 17-year-olds and under is free in a family context and that SEPAQ has provided free access on several dates during the winter. Consult the SEPAQ website for more details.

Doing a sport for the first time as a family is synonymous with laughter, trial and error and anecdotes. In short, it's a creation of memories for life and who knows, you may develop a passion!

Idea #5: a Carnival and a winter BBQ!

We have snow for Christmas and lots of it! Take the opportunity to create a carnival atmosphere in your backyard or in a neighborhood park! Get the whole family out and build a fort! Like when you were a kid! You will find as much fun as your children, even the older ones! For toddlers you can use a solution of washable poster paint (just a little and washable on clothes!) in water and put it in a bottle with a sprayer. The little ones will love painting the walls of their snow castle!

If the weather is nice and mild and if you can, get out the fire pit, build a small fire in your fort and grill sausages and marshmallows or get out your BBQ and cook a meal outside!

For toddlers, pretend you're heading out for a day at the beach! Break out the beach toys and tractors to play in the snow! Make a small lunch, take out a blanket and have a picnic on the snow, they will be delighted! When you come back inside, you can even continue playing the game and change into your summer clothes with Southern music, fun guaranteed! (everything can be accompanied by a little exotic "drink"!)

If you have teenagers and they just want to be with their friends, suggest that they invite their friends on your outings. If your child does not want this option, ask him to reserve 2 hours of a day for you and do an activity together. Take the time to live beautiful moments with them!

Enjoy your holidays, create memories, be imaginative, be open and above all have fun like children!

Happy Holidays from the entire Pack N Carry team and may the New Year be filled with adventures!

To view Part 1 of our activity ideas, go here: https://www. packncarry. ca/blogs/news/outdoor-activity-ideas-to-get-your-little-ones-moving-during-the-holidays

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