Planning your trip, where to start?

    After months of dreaming about going on a trip, now it's time to plan it!
    This planning can easily become a headache! We don't always know where to start. Sometimes even the destination is difficult to choose. To make your life easier we have found some information and tips:
    1. Choosing your destination: First, you will need to decide where you want to go, sometimes easier said than done! Go step by step. Consider the interests you have and the activities you want to do to select the best destination. The world is vast and there is no shortage of destinations, but if you start by prioritizing the type of activity you want to do during your stay, it will be easier to eliminate certain destinations.
    2. Find destination information: You have found your destination, do some research on the destination in question. Study the best times to travel, tourist attractions to visit, historical sites, local food and transportation. Make a list of what you really want to visit and a list of secondary activities, so you will have several choices according to your desires once at your destination.
    3. Determine your budget: Ask yourself questions about travel budgets, such as airfare expenses, accommodation costs, meals, sightseeing, and souvenirs. Set yourself a basic budget and plan a little extra budget for contingencies.
    4. Plan your travel dates: Based on your budget plans, choose an ideal date for your trip. Also check if this period corresponds to the best weather conditions of the destination. If your travel schedule is fixed, start with this step before choosing your destination and plan your trip according to the dates you will be leaving.
    5. Book your accommodation: Book accommodation that perfectly suits your needs, whether in a hotel, hostel or apartment. Do not hesitate to choose the option with reimbursement when making your reservations, so you will have flexibility if your itinerary has to change or if your flight is moved.
    6. Buy your plane tickets: We tell you and say it again: book your plane tickets in advance to avoid high costs. Last minute reservations are no longer an economical option in the current context.
    7. Optimize your time: Create an itinerary for your trip, taking into account the time you have on hand for each activity and for your total stay. Planning is the key to a successful trip and you are not told to be organized, but to do all your research before leaving and to have information on hand for several options of routes and destinations. activities, you can simply choose according to your desire at the moment you reach your destination, but you won't waste time looking for them.
    8. Make sure you have the necessary travel documents: Make sure you have all the documents you will need to travel abroad, such as passports and visas, if applicable. Visit the Government of Canada site to read the recommendations related to your destination.
    9. Be flexible: Be flexible about changing your schedule and scheduled activities, so you can take advantage of any opportunities that arise along the way.

Make planning your trip exciting and enjoyable! Make yourself comfortable, put on some music, have a drink and take the time to dream!

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