What are we doing this spring in Quebec?

Do you think spring is just the season for mud? Think again, spring is also a perfect season to admire the beauty of nature and do a ton of activities!

We have selected a few ideas for you to make the most of this season and allow you to wait until summer:

  1. Bird Watching: Generally speaking, spring is the best season for bird watchers! The number of observable species is increasing and the males have their finest adornment - just in time for the breeding season, you will be able to observe various varieties of birds no matter where you are in Quebec. You can go to your local library to borrow a book on bird varieties to help identify the birds you might see on your outings, or use an identification app. It's so nice to be able to recognize them and introduce them to your children. If you fancy a birdwatching outing, you can head to Baie-du-Febvre, in Centre-du-Québec, where snow geese pile up in their thousands before continuing towards the Arctic.
  2. Visit flower gardens: Botanical gardens, parks and certain estates offer a multitude of possibilities to admire spring flowers: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and others. Do not miss the Canadian Tulip Festival from May 12 to 22 in Ottawa or go to the Botanical Garden of Montreal to admire the lilacs in bloom, 8000 m2 are dedicated to them near the Flowery Creek, imagine the sweet scent that will accompany your walk !
  3. Picnic in an orchard: many orchards now offer the possibility of picnicking during the apple blossom period and many even offer picnic baskets to take away, filled with local products to enjoy in these enchanting scenery. Instagrammable decorations by the ton! Check with an orchard in your area and sign up for their bloom alert so you don't miss a thing.
  4. Cycling:Spring is a great time to get out on your bike and explore Quebec's various bike paths and scenic routes. Take out the trailer, the giraffe, their bike, your bike and go on an adventure with the family! Take the opportunity to stop and play in the parks with your little ones!
  5. Stroll through Old Quebec or Old Montreal: Take a day to walk, stroll, window shop in Old Quebec or Old Montreal. Visit restaurants, cafes, micro and terraces before the summer crowds and the arrival of all the tourists. Take the time to relax on a bench to enjoy the first rays of sunshine!
  6. Take a weekend road trip:Road trips aren't just for hot summer days or vacations, spring is a great time to go for a weekend -end and travel the roads of Quebec! Why not follow the St. Lawrence River on one side or the other, either towards Kamouraska or towards Saint-Iréné, stop for different culinary discoveries according to your desires and stroll on the beach to admire a sun.
  7. Participate in a sporting event. Several sporting events take place in the spring. You could take the opportunity to register with your family and motivate yourself to get back in shape before the beach season! There is in particular the 6hrs in the heart of the Fondation en Cœur which takes place every year in Montreal, Quebec and virtually and which aims to raise funds for children with heart disease, why not join the useful to the 'pleasant!
https://www. I give online. org/encoeur/campagne/Courir6h/participants/subscribe

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